Every year we go to for a photo hunting for spectacular fall landscapes in Montreal. In this post, we will tell you about our favorite autumn places in Montreal. In addition to beautiful photos, we filled the article with information useful for travelers.

Did you know?

The best time to visit Montreal is early autumn, end of September - middle of October.

The unbearable heat ends by the end of August. Frost and cold days have not yet come. You can walk around Montreal at a comfortable temperature and enjoy the color transformation of the city.

Mont-Tremblant inexhaustible source of stunning fall landscapes

Mont-Tremblant is the only place on our list outside of Montreal island. If you travel to Montreal in the fall, then you just have to find a day to visit Mont-Tremblant. It will take you about two hours to get there. The road to Mont-Tremblant, by the way, is scenic. The driving will not be bored!

City of Mont-Tremblant near visitor center

If you ask anybody from Montreal, where is the most beautiful place in Quebec in the fall? We think the majority of the answers will be “everywhere”!!!

In our opinion the best of the best destinations in the fall is Mont-Tremblant. This name is known as a ski resort. But if you are tired of a noisy rushing city and want to enjoy Canadian fall landscapes, you should go to Mont-Tremblant. The best time of the year for that is fall, end of September - middle of October.

Panoramic gondola in Mont-Tremblant

For those who are unfamiliar with the geography of the province of Quebec, we explain a bit. You should distinguish between the city of Mont-Tremblant and the national park of Mont-Tremblant. You can get a glimpse of both places in one day trip. It is likely that after a first visit, you will want to go back there again.

City of Mont-Tremblant

The parking is near the visitor center at 1000 Chemin des Voyageurs.

Address: Free parking lot in the city of Mont-Tremblant

To see breathtaking landscapes, you should take two gondolas. The first one is free. You can ride in a circle all day long if you want! For the second gondola, you buy a ticket o… do not buy if you want to hike up to the top. There is nothing complicated in hiking, except that you walk uphill for about an hour.

And here you are at the top!

View from the peak Mont-Tremblant in fall

Mont-Tremblant National Park

The park is divided into three sectors: La Diable, La Pimbina, L’assomption. We have not had a chance to visit L’assomption sector yet. So there are three entry points to the park of Mont-Tremblant.

The main difference between La Diable and La Pimbina sectors is that only in La Pimbina you can rent kayaks. The others activities as swimming, hiking (walking paths), camping, picnic areas and much more are available in both sectors.

Address: La Diable sector, Mont-Tremblant National Park

Address: La Pimbina sector, Mont-Tremblant National Park

Park Mont-Tremblant in fall Lake shore in fall, Park Mont-Tremblant

We highly recommend you kayaking on the Provost Lake (La Pimbina sector). The forest is fantastic around! And when you reach the middle of the lake, you can see a 3D effect.

Kayks in Park Mont-Tremblant in fall

Did you know?

Access to all SEPAQ parks (Mont-Tremblant National Park) for children under 17 years old is FREE.

Mount-Royal Park is “MUST” for the first-time Montreal visitors

Mount-Royal Park is the most famous park with a lookout overlooking the entire downtown of Montreal. Not in every metropolis, you can find a place to look at the skyscrapers from the top! By the way, the name of the city of Montreal comes from the name of this hill Mount-Royal.

Downtown view from Mount-Royal in Montreal

It was in Mount-Royal Park, on the main lookout, Bruce Willis’s character talks to Matthew Perry’s character in the movie “The Whole Nine Yards.” You can take a look at 12-14 minute of the film.

It’s nice to come to Mount-Royal Park at any time of the year. Frankly, this is the place we recommend to start exploring Montreal.

Access to Mount Royal Park is free for everybody.

There are many ways to get to Mount-Royal Park. As for us, we usually get there by car or hike up to the top.

By foot: from Montreal downtown you find wood stairs to go up to the summit. Be careful, it is hard enough.

Address: Walk to Mount-Royal Park

By car: you arrive on the other side of the hill. The closest parking lot is located near Smith House. For parking, you pay by hours. The parking machines accept credit cards. The parking lot is within 10 minutes walking distance from the main lookout point.

Address: Parking near Smith House at Mount-Royal Park

The Mount-Royal Park is not limited to one lookout. Here you can spend hours. You can walk to another point overlooking the Olympic Stadium, to see a famous cross on the Mount Royal hill, take a walk through the park around The Beaver Lake…

For more details visit Mount-Royal Park website.

Old Port of Montreal- your scenic walk at any time of the year

Old Port is one of the main attractions of Montreal. When we want to just walk around the city, we usually go to the Old Port. If there are no events, it is not very crowded in the port.

Bonsecours market in fall, Old Port, Montreal

There is no problem to find a spot to park your car in the Old Port. Parking rates in the Old Port. We found another parking lot nearby. On weekdays after 5 pm and on weekends the parking is free.

Address: Indoor parking in Old Port – Rue Queen, 75

Bonsecours market in fall, Old Port, Montreal Old Port, Montreal view

Montreal Botanical Garden – an oasis of the megapolis

Website: http://m.espacepourlavie.ca/en/botanical-garden

In each more or less big city, there is a botanical garden. “Nothing special!” you might say. We agree but partially. Our favorite spot in the Montreal Botanical Garden is a Japanese garden. We really feel like life is slowing down once we are there.

Botanical garden, Montreal Japanese garden in Botanical garden, Montreal Japanese garden in Botanical garden, Montreal

And only the Montreal Botanical Garden gives you an unusual perspective of the Olympic Stadium.

Olympic stadium from Botanical garden, Montreal

The parking lot is valid for the Botanical Garden, the Insectarium, and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and Biodôme. A day pass is $12. We remember we found a spot along Boulevard Pie-IX. However, we recommend paying attention to parking signs.

Address: Parking lot – 3000 rue Viau

Botanical garden, Montreal

EVERYWHERE! Your imagination and inspiration will let you know!

As we said in the very beginning of the post, in the fall Canada is beautiful everywhere. Therefore, at the end, we publish a small collection of photos of our spontaneous walks in Montreal, its surroundings…

Maple leaf, autumn, Montreal Fall in downtown, Montreal Early autumn in Quebec Maple leaves on spruce, Montreal Yellow maple leaves, Montreal Street with graffiti in fall, Montreal Maple leaves on the street, Montreal Fall landscape, Laval, Quebec Bike path, Laval, Quebec

Jacques Cartier National Park

Jacques Cartier Park, Quebec

Park de la Chute-Montmorency

Parc de la Chute Montmorency, Quebec

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